Monday, October 15, 2007

Watching over us and protecting us with his angel's wings

When I think of my Grampa I think of his red plaid hat. I've never seen anyone else where one like it but it just sort of suited him. I think of fishing, going for drives and watching Coronation street. He loved war films, playing pool and taking me to the place he grew up to pick apples in the orchard. When I spent the night at my grandparents' house he would always make breakfast for me and my Nan in the morning. He was always laughing and smiling and he made the best rice pudding ever!!! Being the only granddaughter on my dad's side I was more than a little spoiled by my grandparents, I even had my own room at their house ;)

This morning just after 3am my Grampa got his wings. This is especially hard for me because I live half the country away and don't have the means to make it home to be with my family. I am hurting and longing to be with my Nan and my father and brother. What a great man our family was blessed to have.

I am taking today to remember him, as he was before he got sick. Such a gentle kind hearted man. I looked forward to spending (almost) every weekend with my Nanny and Grampa when I was a little girl. Those almost weekly visits continued for years. When I was in college I would visit them at least once a week on my lunch period or when I had a spare. Their house is on College cres, so it wasn't far to go :)

After my son was born I flew home so he could meet my family. My grampa had already suffered a few strokes among other things but his face lit up when he saw me and he had the biggest smile when he held his great grandson for the first time.

This past June I flew home again and he got to meet his great grand daughter. By this point he was already living out his days in the hospital, but none the less he smiled at my babies and managed to tell me with the few words he had that my babies were sweet. It was so hard to see him like that, all frail in a hospital room but I am glad I was able to see him that one last time.

Goodbye Grampa Howie, I love you. I just know that you have left your pain behind and are now fishing in the sky. (...and I bet you're wearing a red plaid Scottish hat!)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - a funny song

I'm already starting to use some of these phrases and my oldest is only 2 1/2. Oy

Monday, September 24, 2007

Goodbye Sasha...

Today was hard. I had to give up a best friend. Mr.Magoo said to me this afternoon. 'Mommy, I'm sad.' Even at 2 years old he knows the value of a good friend :) We took Sasha for a ride in the van (she loves van rides) and then for a run at the park. While we were there I took some pictures of our beloved pet, whom I will never, ever forget. Isn't she beautiful? Enjoy...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tired Tuesday

This morning while on a message board I frequent, me and fellow mommies were comparing our morning. I was surprised when I was reading the lists of what us Mommas get accomplished every morning. It all seems routine but when you write it all down it's unbelievable to me! Take my morning for example:

  • Got up at 7am because I heard Mr.Magoo in the kitchen banging his spoon against the table.
  • Poured milk into the dry cereal he was eating (I set it out the night before) and gave him a cup of milk (from the fridge also prepared last night)
  • Peed
  • Got Miss M up, put her in highchair with sippy and poured a teeny bit of milk into her shreddies.
  • made coffee
  • gave kids their vitamins, Mr.Magoo his puffer
  • fed the dog
  • ate bowl of special K
  • fed M a yogurt
  • changed Mr Magoo's pullup, got him dressed
  • let the dog out
  • had a coffee
  • checked my email
  • packed bottle and bag for daycare
  • talked on the phone to my best friend for about 45 minutes (while doing other things)
  • did dishes
  • cleaned up 3 cans of pop that exploded when M took them out of the case and threw them on the floor
  • Mopped the floor
  • cleaned the pop off walls
  • washed pop off M
  • changed M's diaper
  • got her dressed
  • washed face and did makeup
  • got the kids ready to go
  • had to come back in to change one more poop
  • took kids to daycare
  • got to work at 9:30am
  • watered the plants
  • checked email
  • did a bank reconciliation

I am now enjoying a nice relaxing coffee and reading message boards!

Compared to my husbands morning:

  • Rolled out of bed when the alarm went off
  • farted
  • shit, shower, shave
  • grab lunch out of the fridge
  • go to work

Men think they have it so tough!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TMI Tuesdays - This was too funny not to share!

OK So it's not really TMI but I laughed so hard! Now I know it's not nice to laugh at other people's misfortunes but the way they kept playing it over and over... Oh man I'm crying here....

Monday, September 3, 2007

Motherhood is.....

My friend Papaya Mom introduced me to the MommaBlogga website. Jordan from MommaBlogga hosts group writing projects, so I thought what better way to get better at writing then to enter? Want to enter? You can Enter Here!

Moday's blog is Motherhood is/means to me..

Where do I even begin with this statement?

Motherhood is graham cracker kisses, hugs around the neck, tiny feet and belly laughs. It's knowing full well that a piece of your heart is walking around outside of your body and trying to hold on to that piece and keep it near you for as long as possible.

It means sticky fingers, handprints on the walls and crayon artwork where it doesn't belong. Car seats, diapers, potty training and Elmo DVD's. It can mean loving your husband/partner even more because of the knowledge that he helped create this wonderful little person.

Motherhood is stretch marks, 3am feedings and saggy boobs. It's realizing you're totally out of the loop and SO much less cool than you used to think you were.

Most of all, Motherhood means that your life is changed forever. Not for the weak or the faint of heart, motherhood is the most important job you will ever be blessed to have. It's 24/7, 365 days a year and though there are no sick days or vacation time alotted you will be paid full well in 'I Love You, Mom's,' macaroni artwork and toothless baby grins.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Seriously... Where does the other sock end up?

I thought it would be useful to google 'blog ideas' to come up with some interesting things to post here and this was one of the first things that jumped out at me.

Why, you ask? Because I have the answer!!! A few months back my landlord purchased the most FABULOUS front loading high efficiency washer and dryer set. Around the same time my babies socks started to disappear! And me, being a tad OCD went crazy trying to figure out where they were going. It seems the flexible rubber around the front of the door is just soft enough to suck small items in.

So now to my delight, at the end of each wash cycle I pull back the rubber to find tiny socks, change and sometimes one of my husbands lighters.

Fabulously interesting blog I've just written, hey?