Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tired Tuesday

This morning while on a message board I frequent, me and fellow mommies were comparing our morning. I was surprised when I was reading the lists of what us Mommas get accomplished every morning. It all seems routine but when you write it all down it's unbelievable to me! Take my morning for example:

  • Got up at 7am because I heard Mr.Magoo in the kitchen banging his spoon against the table.
  • Poured milk into the dry cereal he was eating (I set it out the night before) and gave him a cup of milk (from the fridge also prepared last night)
  • Peed
  • Got Miss M up, put her in highchair with sippy and poured a teeny bit of milk into her shreddies.
  • made coffee
  • gave kids their vitamins, Mr.Magoo his puffer
  • fed the dog
  • ate bowl of special K
  • fed M a yogurt
  • changed Mr Magoo's pullup, got him dressed
  • let the dog out
  • had a coffee
  • checked my email
  • packed bottle and bag for daycare
  • talked on the phone to my best friend for about 45 minutes (while doing other things)
  • did dishes
  • cleaned up 3 cans of pop that exploded when M took them out of the case and threw them on the floor
  • Mopped the floor
  • cleaned the pop off walls
  • washed pop off M
  • changed M's diaper
  • got her dressed
  • washed face and did makeup
  • got the kids ready to go
  • had to come back in to change one more poop
  • took kids to daycare
  • got to work at 9:30am
  • watered the plants
  • checked email
  • did a bank reconciliation

I am now enjoying a nice relaxing coffee and reading message boards!

Compared to my husbands morning:

  • Rolled out of bed when the alarm went off
  • farted
  • shit, shower, shave
  • grab lunch out of the fridge
  • go to work

Men think they have it so tough!